Into the Wild

(Inspired by Joshua Tree)

Don’t walk along the trail
You’d better walk among the bush


Follow the foot prints
Leading you into the wild
野生へと導く 足跡をたどって“
Said the raddle snake biting rabbits tail
Lizard’s head on the spider’s web
ガラガラ蛇が言った ウサギの尻尾をかじりながら
蜘蛛の巣には トカゲのあたま
Cayotes howl in the night of owls
Foxes hide from hawk’s eyes
夜にはフクロウと一緒に コヨーテが遠吠え
Don’t look back upon your past
No time for you to cry at all
Cause danger has lost it’s track
Keep walking tail into the wild
Said the lady bug on frog’s tongue
Bumble bees swarm around the tree
テントウムシが言った カエルの舌の上で
蜂が 木を取り巻いて
Baby deer run away from bear
Birds of prey stole hunter’s game.
子鹿が 熊から逃げ出して
© 2014 Mayu Wakisaka All rights reserved.